Saturday, October 6, 2012

3D Postcard Generator

Made with the 3D Postcard Generator
(Click the link above to try it out! And it's free!)
The bird is one of many that flocks to the Coolart wetlands at Somers on the Mornington Peninsu;la.

In my teaching career, I have noticed that some high school students, in particular, claim that they are not creative.
This particularly applies to students who excel in Mathematics and Science.

But when they are offered the opportunity to respond to a visual image, with a nifty caption or message,
often the result belies their claims.

This postcard generator is easy to use for all age ranges.

10 photos are available on the website, but there's the opportunity for students to convert their own photos into these postcard beauties.
A wide range of colour schemes are available and the message is formatted for premium presentation. Students just need to fill in the blank lines.

How could the generator be used in the classroom?

- message to a character in a novel or play
- Christmas or birthday message to another student
- introduction to analysis of ideas - what is significant in the photo 

- message to a historical character

Social Studies
- environmental message

What would the generator identify?
- association of ideas
- analysis of an image
- higher order thinking beyond description

To teach is to keep learning


MM Enterprises said...

wow, so nice & cut.

Ruth said...

Very funny, I know a few people I could send that to :)

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