Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Year 9 Melbourne City Experience

It is now Week 8 of Term 3.

All week, Year 9 students will be enjoying daily insights into Melbourne landmarks and will navigate their way around Melbourne with special group projects to complete.

Today was my day to train my way into Melbourne and to accompany these students.

The morning feature was Eureka Tower and then students wandered Melbourne with their own group projects.
School mobiles ensured that students connected by text to update their whereabouts.

I did not venture up the 88 storey tower, but waited below to ensure those who returned first would have someone supervising.
In the meantime, I took the opportunity to photograph the area and then the students when they came down from the tower and were getting organised for their project adventures..

Reflection on an Excursion

Success - easily measured by how readily students gathered in groups to travel on the train, to view the tower, to meet together punctually when required and to update their whereabouts with text messages.

Considerations for the future - The Eureka Tower experience did not absorb quite as much time as expected. Perhaps another nearby experience could have followed before students embarked on their projects. This small weakness could have been more noticeable if there was no major disruption to the train timetable, (as happened this morning), causing most of us to struggle to get to the tower by 9:30am.

To teach is to keep learning

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