Sunday, September 16, 2012

Reflection on Edmodo - Update

Screen shot of my current Edmodo profile page.
More to complete, but it's happening.

I mentioned in my first post HERE that part of my professional learning journey was to check out whether Edmodo could solve some problems with my Year 10 English class.
Now I have explored further, marking written work on line at Edmodo seems far more user friendly than the Word document option available on Moodle.
I have emailed all students in the class, asking them to sign up in one of two groups - Year 10 English - Outdoor Education - and just Year 10 English.
Then any extra class information for the Outdoor Ed students can be added.
I am trialling all this for their current Night assignment.
(So far just one student said she will sign up. Others still prefer to upload their assessment as an attachment on gmail.)
Even if just a few do so initially, that will be OK!
Then I am not wasting too much time if this idea does not work as well as I would like.

So enjoy exploring new teaching concepts, but only value them when I can see they have a valuable purpose in my own teaching context.

To teach is to keep learning

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