Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NIE's 21st Century Teacher Education Model

NIE as a university-based teacher education institution has a strong foundation in terms of the structure and substance of its teacher education programmes. 

The model suggests that there is a trend towards collaborative teacher learning - Edmodo wins on this one.

But further into the document, there is a suggestion that the school's structural environment should cater for a 
teachers' collaborative room.
What a great idea for streamlining the school curriculum!

In terms of primary teachers' advantages:
This would enhance an awareness of progression of topics through the primary years.
Perhaps the room could have noticeboards for each primary year - program + events

In terms of secondary teachers' advantages:
This certainly would be a more efficient scenario for faculty meetings than the current practice of just using a classroom.
Perhaps the room could have noticeboards for current faculty discussions so that there is more inter-curricular awareness of programs.
Perhaps the noticeboards could have outlines of subject based programs so that all subject areas are aware of whole school approaches.
What a wonderful way to inter-connect topics easily e.g. the study of natural disasters from a Science and a Geography perspective.

Our school is a Prep-12 school
What a great bonus such a room would be to inter-connect primary and secondary teachers.
I am sure that there would be an enhanced appreciation, respect and understanding of one another.

To teach is to keep learning

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