Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fun With Fakebook

Fakebook lets you enjoy creating a character - any character - complete with all the Facebook style presence.
Above is my spin on a character called FutureSeeker.
The full screen version of my FutureSeeker may be found HERE!

A great tool for English, History and Drama teachers because:
1. It can adapt to any lesson involving characterisation - a character from a novel or short story OR a historical character OR a future character.
2. Suitable for a wide range of learning levels.

3. It extends students so they can imagine the reality of different voices and language of characters in interaction.
A great way to practise and retain characterisation in preparation for a play.
* Imagine mixing real and fictional characters
* Imagine the wind, trees, mountains or seas turned into characters
*Imagine numbers turned into characters

4. Differentiation is built into this activity -  represented by the opportunity for all students to respond to this activity in different ways.

5. Bonus - Fakebook offers a generic marking scheme on the right sidebar!!!

To teach is to keep learning

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