Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Reflections on Year 11 Lessons - Orientation + Homework

One of many powerpoint slides I created for the Year 11 English Orientation Course - introducing the students to the Creating and Presenting unit of Future Worlds.
They enjoyed discussing what this image suggests about future worlds.
In particular, they enjoyed discussing whether this was a negative or positive point of view.

Another powerpoint slide - This was the homework set for students to complete - selectively - in preparation for the new year of 2012.
I felt that because this homework was set over an extended holiday period, very specific questions were required and there should be an element of choice to stimulate the creative juices.
The homework also represented signs of my own teacher agenda
1. What types of questions would the students prefer? Why?
2. What writing skills were represented by their answers?
Differentiation - This was invaluable to measure the students' abilities in preparation for the new year.

Surprisingly, most students completed this homework requirement. I think it is because the homework detail gave the impression that VCE years were important and therefore preparation time was important.
In the future, I think I may include a task that involves some kind of searching e.g. range of media articles - letter to the editor, opinion piece and feature article - in preparation for their media studies.
Contrasting homework activities would then offer me a greater awareness of differentiation needs in the class, including student skills and attitudes.

To teach is to keep learning

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