Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Newspaper Clipping Generator

I have just discovered The Newspaper Clipping Generator
What a neat tool for practising economic thought!
And the result looks so real!
Above is my response!

You can even use The Wizard Text Generator to create a caption for the name of the newspaper!

How could this be used? 
Inject imagination into so many subject areas
Not just English!

- students create a dynamic, short, newsworthy item that sounds real based on knowledge of a topic
Geography - volcanic explosion in Antarctica
History - new child president in Bongoland
Science - murex shell heals cancer
English - Harry Potter's secret

- students create a short article using particular techniques or terms for a particular purpose
English - satire, metaphor, simile, alliteration, assonance, paradox
Art - dada, surrealism, post impressionsim

Group work extension
- students create a storyboard of group newspaper clippings that connect in some way
This activity demonstrates how students can associate ideas

Students film group projects to be presented to the class
- This activity demonstrates how students can order their clippings in some kind of sequence

Class Challenge
Sequence the groups into some purposeful order

Assessment Criteria
Topic knowledge - a sense of reality
Application identifies understanding of the topic
Application represents creative extension of the topic

This must be one activity that could be re-used in so many different contexts.
Re-use does not mean disinterest or apathy.
The students could be encouraged to improve on their last use of this generator - a personal challenge.
I can imagine that this tool can be celebrated as an inter-curricular feature.

To teach is to keep learning

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