Tuesday, July 15, 2014

what if...

card created using my photo + haiku  and 3D Postcard Generator

what if
you took a class of reluctant Shakespeare-suffering Year 9 students

to take roles in Romeo and Juliet

there was a verandah and a couple of steps at the old drama studio
now used as a small chapel

the steps faced the oval

what if
the only instructions given the students were
sit anywhere as the audience
use anything in the immediate environment
if you have a role to play

what if
the students liked the idea
but enjoyed being outside the classroom

what if
as lessons passed
role players did not want others to take their roles
and the audience enjoyed asking the role players
questions about their character
what they were thinking
how they felt
as part of the last minutes of each lesson

what if
students owned their roles
and actually began
in character

what if
the audience
loved the play
more and more
the role players
to be
more and more
in character

what if
more and more
I had less and less to do

what if
the students were sad
that the play

what if
I was sad

Wordle: 21st Century Teacher Portfolio - blog wordle 15.7.14

To teach is to keep learning

1 comment:

Jennifer Sternlicht said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem. You brought to life the experience of fully engaging with a text despite all the aspects of teaching that hold students and adults at bay. I too thrive in those moments when Shakespeare's lines on modern lips give fire and meaning to the day.

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