Thursday, September 8, 2016

Review of Reading Australia...

In view of current statistics suggesting that Australian universities have the highest dropout of students in a decade,
(up to 1 in 5 students - SMH 8.9.16)
it is time to push the value of reading widely
to enhance a will and drive to concentrate and enhance ideas.

Reading Australia
is a website supporting English teachers in their search for reading materials.
Resources are for both primary and secondary levels.

An account is FREE
and offers regular updates on book news and teaching resources.

A home page video introduces the features of the site.

Primary and secondary tabs lead to graphic novels, drama, short stories, poetry, narrative history, opinion, memoir, essays (about books), young adult.
Each resource has a suggested year level and includes sample classroom and assessment activities.

Special Resources
Australia Day
Anzac Day
Asia and Australia's Engagement with Asia
Indigenous Histories and Cultures
Future Resources

Perhaps the real bonus is the addition of comparative titles - a further reading element - and film resources where appropriate.

There are even rubrics.

Overall, this website is a priceless resource and tool for English teachers.

Shared on Edmodo 8.9.16 

To teach is to keep learning

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